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  Smart Combustible Gas Detector >>
  Technical features:
  * 4-20mA, 3 wire connection ,compatible with existing alarm control unit or DCS(Distributed Control System)
* Flameproof body design acc. to IEC61508,simple and easy installation and maintenance.
* Multi-parameter backlight LCD display: measuring range,digital gas reading ,units, bar graph , system status etc.
* International standard plug-in sensor, Plug and Play! .
* Sensor replacement without recalibration, automatic sensor data recognition. Sensor fault signal output monitoring
   and indicating.
* Programmable alarm operation value, low or high level alarm indication.
* Three-key operation for on-site configuration and maintenance.
* PC programmable software for online configuration and maintenance.
* PDA programmable software for configuration and maintenance on-site,field or remote operation separate from the
   control units.
* Automatic temperature compensation ensure the correct measurement.
  Thchnical data:
  * Power supply:    24VDC (10.5 ~ 45 VDC)
Linear output signal:   4~22.8mA with superimposed communication signal for HART protocol
Failure signal:   3.6mA
T90 response time:   锛?0 sec
Resume time:  锛?5 sec
Resolution:   1 uA
Accuracy:   卤3%F.S.; 卤1%F.S. (On request)
Display :   backlight LCD, LED
Backlight LCD display :   5-digit gas reading
                                            50 bar graph display 0-100% full scale"
Unit:   ppm, mA, %锛?LEL銆?VOL
* Operating temperature: -40~70鈩?(According to gas sensor operating conditions)
* Humidity: 10-95%RH (non condensing)
* Ex-protection: Exd IIC T6 (Flame-proof Type)
* Electronic housing: Die-cast aluminium explosion-proof housing
* Accessories material: Aluminium for O2銆丆O and combustible gas. Stainless steel for others.
* IP rating: Ip66
  Ordering codes: Load features:
  Common list of combustible gases:

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