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   2-Wire Loop Powered Display:
   2-Wire Loop Powered Display>> LEDD-01
Name锛?/span>      2-Wire Loop Powered Dispaly LEDD-01
Type锛?/span>      LEDD-01
         2-wire, no additional power supply required High accuracy and
          stability. Visible in the dark environment 16 Bit ADC MCU inside.
          The scope of the value can be displayed on the LED is
          - 锝? LED can work at 3mA
  Sense series universal intelligent 2-wire LED digital display is fit for all of the transmitters and converters with
4-20 mA 2-wire technology. The display can be adjusted by tow buttons. Following parameters can be programmed: zero point, span, unit, decimal point, damping, and alarm point etc. instead of the potentiometer. The actual value will expressed by the schedule. And it can replace all of the analog indicators in the market.
  *2-wire, no additional power supply required, just as traditional LCD display.
*High accuracy and stability
*Visible in the dark environment. 16 Bit ADC MCU inside.
*The scope of the value can be displayed on the LED is - 锝?
*LED can work at 3mA
*Two OPTO switch outputs.
  Technical data:
  *Analogue signal: 2-wire-system: 4鈥?0mA
*Supply: Supplied by current loop; voltage drop:鈮?4.5V
*Electrical protection: Short-circuit protection: permanent
*Reverse polarity protection: no damage, but also no function
*Display: Type: 4-digit, red LED display, digit height 7 mm, digit width: 4.85 mm(angle 10掳)
*Range: - 锝?
*Accuracy: 0.1%
*Temperature: Ambient, storage and operation: -20锝?0鈩?br /> *Miscellaneous: Ingress protection: IP65

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