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   Pressure Transmitters:
   Pressure Transmitters>> STK138
Name锛?/span>     Pressure transmitter STK138
Type锛?/span>      STK138
Specifications锛?/span>      Sensor:Silicon sensor
                  Ceramic thick sensor  
     Separate electronics and connection compartments
     Easily accessible operation elements on the outside of the
  Power supply (polarity protected) :
  * Supply voltage :10.5...45 VDC
  Output signal :
  * 2-wire-system :4...20 mA with superimposed signal for HART protocol digital communication
* 3-wire-system (optional):1...5V
* Signal range:3.8mA...22.8mA
* Signal on alarm :3.8mA/ 22.8mA/Others on request
  Electrical protection :
  * Insulation resistance :>250M 惟
* Short-Circuit protection :Permanent
* Reverse polarity protection :No damage, and no function
* Overvoltage protection :500 V
  Performance :
  * Accuracy :Nominal range 0.2%
                   0.25% accuracy for range trundown 1.5:1
                   0.5% accuracy for range trundown 2:1
* Power supply effect :Negligible
* Vibration effect :<0.01% of URL /g when tested 200Hz in any axis relative
* Thermal effect :卤0.02%FS/K
* Compensated temperature range of sensor:-20...80鈩?br /> * Permissible load:鈮?0(V-12)惟
* Stability:0.2% FSO/Year
* Switch on delay :5s
* Damping :0 to 100s, step: 0.1s
* Response time:200 ms (without consideration of electronic damping)
* Self stability configuration :0 to 2%
* Filter configured:0 to 160 uA
* Communication resistance(for HART protocol):Typ. 250 惟
  Application conditions:
  * Ambient and operation :-40-85鈩?(without display), -20-70鈩?(with display)
* Storage :-40-85 鈩?br /> * Ingress protection :IP 65
* Electromagnetic compatibility(EMC):Interference immunity and interference emission according to
                                                                GB/T17626.2-1998), compliance with IEC 61000-4-3:1995.

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