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   DIN-rail Temperature Transmitters:
  DIN-rail Temperature Transmitters>> TMT272
Name锛?/span>      OEM Smart Temperature Transmitter HART TMT272
Type锛?/span>      TMT272
         OEM Smart Temperature Transmitter HART TMT272 for
          Resistance thermometers(RTD), thermocouples(TC), resistance
          and voltage transmitters, with continuously rotatable backlight
          LCD display
         Expanded resistance input (max 2K惟)
         Expanded voltage input (max 2KmV
  * Universal settings with HART-protocol for various input signals
* 2 wire technology, 4 to 20mA analogue output
* High accuracy in total ambient temperature range
* Galvanic isolation
* An internal temperature sensor of active temperature compensation
* Wide voltage supply range
* Customer specific measurement range settings
* Simple and user friendly software
* Multiparametric backlight rotatable LCD display
  Areas of application:
  * SMART Temperature transmitter with HART-protocol Convert various input signals into a scalable 4 to 20mA    analogue output signal
  Technical data:
  * Output:  4 to 20mA
* Supply voltage:  10.5 to 45VDC (with backlight LCD)
* Input:  RTD, TC, Ohm, mV
* Operation:  HART-protocol
* Galvanic isolation(In/Out): 2KVAC
* Cold junction:  Internal
* Accuracy(Pt100):  <0.2K or 0.08%
* Influence of ambient:  Negligible
* Load influence:  Negligible
* Power supply influence:  Negligible
* Resolution:  0.3uA
* Operation:  HART-prtocol
* Dimensions:  桅62mm
* Weight:   Approx. 60g(with display)

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